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If you have any ideas for what should or could live here or any dreams for LAVA's internet presence, drop an email to eug.cain@gmail.com.

US Social Forum 2015

The US Social Forum taking place in Philadelphia, June 25-28, 2015 is a convergence driven by the understanding that people’s movements are what create social change. It is an opportunity for regional and issue-specific social justice projects to work toward broader unity. The goal is to map out action plans for a cohesive movement and organize to be on the offense against all forms of oppression.

Our Vision

PhillyIMC now truly closed down

Awhile ago, we announced that PhillyIMC was closing its doors We then decided that that announcement was a bit hasty and that we'd try to keep it open for a bit longer. Well, that period is now over and it's really, truly closed now. Can it be revived?

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