*film screening* Squat or Rot: A Squatter Highlights Reel

This rare collection of footage spotlights squatter struggles around the world and across time. See clips preserved directly from VHS and not available anywhere else. From homesteaders in New York City to rural squatters in Spain, this collection is one of a kind and this screening is guaranteed to be your only opportunity to see it.


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Library Benefit Show

Capacities - Sincere, thoughtful hardcore from members of You & I, the assistant, this ship will sink, black kites, less life, etc.

Let the Fire Burn: Film Screening on Philly's MOVE organization

JANUARY 16, 2014 @ 7PM


This documentary film follows Philadelphia's MOVE Organization & their heated relationship (and conflict) with the Philadelphia Police Department, using archival footage. MOVE is a radical black liberation group with strong environmental leanings. (95 mins)

monthly movie screenings in 2014!

 Always at 7pm//always with free snacks

Protest against war in Syria

Veteran of Vietnam speaks out against proposed war against Syria.

If (probably more a matter of when) bombing of Syria begins, Philly Against War has planned a protest at 4:30pm the next day at the NW corner of 15th and Market Streets.

A chemical attack occurred in Syria on 21 August. That much we know. Who was behid it? We're not really sure.

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